Rapid Microbe Detection (RMD) Technology

RAN Biotechnologies’ rapid microbe detection (RMD) technology is based on using a small amount of smart colored nano- and micro-materials that become visible to the naked eye in the presence of microbes and that are quantifiable with the use of a simple proprietary hand-held device.

  • Results are visual and numerical.

  • Detects only live microbes; does not give false positives for dead microbes.

  • Same day results (in minutes to hours); compared to multiple-day results for traditional techniques.

  • Highly sensitive; at least as sensitive as traditional colony-forming techniques.  

  • Affordable tests allowing its implementation for periodic and frequent monitoring of microbe titers.

  • Provides EARLY and FLEXIBLE Point-Of-Use (POU) microbe detection.

  • Initial prototype is designed for universal detection of microbes. 

  • Introducing a NOVEL PATENT-PENDING HAND-HELD DEVICE to digitize signals from the RMD technology.

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