Smarter surfactants and gel beads.

Stronger science.

Your findings are as effective as the tools you use. For biologists working with droplet microfluidics, barcode gel beads and droplet biology (inc. ddPCR), that means trusting rare materials and key experiments to the quality of your fluorosurfactants and beads. Low-performing chemicals cost time. And maybe more.

RAN Biotech develops fluorosurfactants, gel beads and microfluidic kits specifically for use by the most rigorous researchers. We’ve worked for years in conversation with our buyers to achieve biocompatibility, stability and reproducibility that meets the highest standards. Because success in your lab begins in ours.


RAN Biotech is releasing alternatives to Novec (HFE) and Fluorinert (FC) oils! Inquire with us below about our proprietary FO oil series for microfluidic device priming, droplet generation and droplet stabilization (FO-001; FO-101; and FO-111)