Providing fluorosurfactants for various applications including: droplet microfluidics; encapsulating biologicals, such as cells and proteins; and performing polymerase chain reaction (PCR).


Providing chemical modifications for microfluidic chip surfaces.

Introducing smart materials that color microbes, making them detectable with the naked eye.

Also introducing a portable device to help quantify and digitize signals from the RMD technology.

RAN Biotechnologies' materials in action

On-chip aqueous droplet generation in a continuous fluorous oil. (Courtesy of Prof. Fraden's group at Brandeis University)  

Double emulsion of water in fluorous oil in water. The oil-water interface is stabilized by RAN Biotechnologies' fluorosurfactants. (Courtesy of Dr. Maximilian Eggersdorfer and Ms. Cristina Mercandetti, the Weitz group at Harvard University)

Active microtubule bundles that spontaneously adsorb onto the interface of water-in-oil droplet. (Courtesy of Prof. Dogic's group at Brandeis University) 

Fluorosurfactants in emulsion PCR (ePCR)


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