RAN Biotechnologies, Inc., provides chemicals and solutions specially optimized for biotechnological applications. Our current products are:

  1. -Materials for microfluidics

  2. -Solid media

Materials for Microfluidics:

Synthesis of fluorosurfactants for droplet microfluidics and for encapsulating biologicals, such as cells and proteins. We also specialize in surface modifications of microfluidic chips for droplet stabilization.

Solid Media for Immobilizing Biologicals:

Synthesis of solid media for capturing, purifying and rapidly detecting viruses, bacteria and proteins. Our materials are also designed to release the captured biological materials under controlled conditions.

RAN Biotechnologies, Inc., 100 Cummings Center, Suite 438N, Beverly, MA 01915, USA, Ph: 001.508.361.6525

email: info@ranbiotechnologies.com